Impressive Morris JE electric van makes its debut

The all-electric Morris JE has now made its first public debut – ahead of deliveries in 2022.

The impressive all-electric Morris JE has made it first public debut.

The Worcestershire-based Morris Commercial has revived the much-loved and famous Morris name in a unique way.

The electric van has been designed and engineered in the UK, and the firm says this is part of their bid to pioneer a fresh approach to carbon-neutral transport.

They will do so by using innovative modular architecture and an ultra-lightweight recycled carbon fibre body construction.

The result is a quintessentially British and timeless design.

Morris JE received a global media launch

The Morris JE received a global media launch in November 2019, and it has since enjoyed a range of high-profile TV appearances.

Among these was a journey through all four nations of the UK as part of the BBC’s Travel Show and Guy Martin was impressed on Channel 4.

The first deliveries of the battery-powered van begin next year and its appearance at the Fully Charged Live event was to meet those who like an attractive and individual vehicle.

Morris JE delivers driving comfort

The Morris JE has been designed to deliver driving comfort and has been well-engineered with great British craftsmanship.

The electric van has a load volume of 6m³, and a payload of 1,000kg.

However, the big attraction for the electric Morris JE is for the driving range of 200 miles.

Teamed up with the Electric Vehicle Association

The chief executive of Morris Commercial, Dr Qu Li says the firm teamed up with the Electric Vehicle Association to show the potential of all-electric vans to owners and drivers.

The JE will sit in the 2.5 tonne segment which is the lightest in the commercial vehicle sector.

The lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre construction, with both recycled materials being used and the end product being recyclable, offers an unusual and very attractive proposition.

The firm says that the JE will be particularly appealing for those undertaking urban deliveries.

Owners will get to enjoy state of the art Morris Commercial EV technology and will, undoubtedly, encourage some firms down the road of EV transformation.