All-new Renault Master unveiled: Electric option joins diesel line-up

Renault’s iconic Master van gets a major upgrade with a fully-electric E-Tech version alongside diesel models.

With more than three million units sold since 1980, the Renault Master van is entering a new era as the order books open for the next model.

This is the van’s fourth generation, and the range now features a fully electric E-Tech option alongside diesel variants.

Prices start from £33,500 for diesel and £42,500 for electric models.

Made a splash at the UK Commercial Vehicle Show

The Master E-Tech made a splash at the UK Commercial Vehicle Show when it joined Renault’s range of electric LCVs.

Customers can now choose between electric and diesel powertrains across the entire Master line-up.

The revamped interior boasts a premium feel, mirroring that of a passenger car.

There’s a driver-oriented S-shaped dashboard, a standard 10-inch touchscreen, and dark upholstery to create a modern and functional workspace.

The steering wheel, borrowed from Renault’s car range, offers improved ergonomics.

There’s also extra storage space with automatic transmission controls mounted on the wheel.

Master offers an impressive 135 litres of space

Leading the market in-cabin storage, the new Master offers an impressive 135 litres of space, cleverly distributed across the dashboard, cupholders and glove box.

There are also dedicated storage areas in the doors.

The van’s middle seat folds into a mobile desk with a laptop holder and USB-C ports, transforming the Master into a mobile office.

Renault also says that the Master’s design prioritises efficiency across all powertrains with its improved aerodynamics to deliver fuel savings and quieter cabin acoustics.

Regardless of their choice, customers get one of the most efficient vans in the category.

The diesel engines offer lower fuel consumption and emissions, while the E-Tech boasts a 285-mile range, an impressive payload capacity of up to two tonnes, and a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

It looks like the new Renault Master lives up to its promise: designed to go further, carry more and cost less.

With pre-orders open and sales starting in October, businesses now have a compelling choice for their transport needs.