While there’s a lot to like – and not like (for example, the price tag) – the Volkswagen ABT eTransporter really should be an all-round brilliant van. It does most things really well but other medium-sized electric vans offer more range and more equipment. If your business uses Transporters, then the eTransporter will meet your needs. If you can wait, Volkswagen is set to unveil a more impressive electric Transporter in 2022 to meet tightening environmental regulations in cities and countries.

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is the polished and impressive product that takes the conventional sibling to new heights. It’s got the same level of comfort and quality, the great interior and lots of safety equipment. The impressive low running costs will impress and with the all-electric market growing quickly, the VW e-Crafter will find an enthusiastic market of buyers – though after its ‘official’ launch at the Commercial Vehicle Show it became apparent that the e-Crafter would not be reaching the UK in late 2018 as had been expected. And it might not be here in 2019 either. Read more to find out why.

The 2018 model year for the VW Caddy sees equipment levels boosted across every trim and the van is also the safest in its class. In a bid to boost sales, the petrol engine Caddys have had their prices reduced but overall Volkswagen has played it safe with its small van offering. However, for those potential van owners who are attracted by its safety features, the new caddy has autonomous emergency braking now fitted as standard and there’s also driver alert across the range as well.

The VW Transporter is a stand-out offering that now sets the standard for the segment. Great following from fans and a sound alternative to the likes of the Transit Custom and Vito. For those looking for a great van for high mileages, the Transporter will not let them down with a solid build quality and the residual values are quite impressive.

The Volkswagen Crafter is an all-new creation and the firm’s most versatile and largest van with a wide choice of body styles including Tipper, panel van, double and single cabs and a dropside. It’s also a very comfortable place to spend long journeys with an impressive interior and lots of safety equipment for peace of mind. Typically, the Crafter has been outperformed by its rivals, particularly from Ford, but it has built-up a strong following with those owners appreciating the solid build and reliability levels. The new van is solid and its practicality will make it a popular choice for those who spend money on it – if they decide to make the switch from the competitors.

The latest model of the Volkswagen Caddy is not an all-new creation but a big revamp. There’s a lot to like about the model with plenty of the best bits of the old model brought into the new one; the cargo area is about the same size. However, it does have an impressive new interior which helps to underline its position as one of the most comfortable vans to drive in its class. It’s in a keenly fought segment and while it is pricier than some rivals, it’s certainly worth shortlisting.

For those who need a workhorse but would like a pick-up with leather seats, lots of space in the cabin and great levels of performance, then the Volkswagen Amarok is for you. It is highly recommended but it’s not the cheapest pick-up to buy or run and its size can be intimidating.

The VW Transporter is the firm’s most popular van for a reason – it’s not only good to drive but it also has lots of abilities. More importantly, the Transporter has very good residuals.

Quickly growing in popularity, the Volkswagen Amarok offers a decent alternative to the run-of-the-mill pick-up with a quality product that has plenty to offer.

The solid-built VW Caddy may be one of the oldest vans in its market but it’s also one of the best – great to drive with decent payload abilities.