While there aren’t that many Fiat Talento medium size vans on the UK’s roads, it’s certainly a van worth considering. It’s in a competitive segment and is up against the likes of the Mercedes Vito, the Ford Transit Custom, and the Volkswagen Transporter. However, it has been priced to sell and if you are a Fiat van fan, then be aware that this is really a Renault Trafic (and the Nissan NV300). It still wins awards on its own terms though.

The Fiat Ducato is the firm’s flagship van offering and should not be confused with the all-electric e-Ducato. The latest version of the Ducato was launched in June 2021 and it’s a comfortable and impressive van to drive, though it remains a popular choice with UK buyers because of its fuel economy.

The Fiat Doblo was launched in 2010 and a revamp in 2020 added a new 1.3-litre engine to the line-up. It’s a fairly cheap van to buy and a good runner but the range is starting to show its age now.

The Fiat e-Ducato is the firm’s first foray into electric van manufacturing, and they have done a decent job. Considering how competitive the segment is becoming, there’s a lot to recommend the e-Ducato with a driving range of either 113 or 230 miles. Perhaps the strongest consideration is the best-in-class payload the e-Ducato offers at 1,885 kg.

The Fiat Talento is a bold step by the Italian van maker into the market dominated by the Ford Transit Custom. As a compact sized van, it has got plenty of space and the comfort levels on board will impress – it is also affordable to run and buy. For Custom as well as Renault Trafic buyers it’s a serious alternative in a keenly fought segment – though, in reality, the Talento utilises the third-generation of Trafic’s platform to good effect. For those who aren’t impressed with Fiat’s previous reputation for build quality it’s probably time to take a closer look at what the firm is producing under its aim to reinvent their line-up.

There’s a lot to like about the Fiat Fullback – which is based on the Mitsubishi L200. It is a capable contender in the increasingly popular segment and there’s a strong 2.4 litre diesel engine to help power it along and help deliver its impressive 3.1 tonne towing capacity. However, it can be pricier than its Mitsubishi siblings and on rough roads, the ride can be tad uncomfortable. There’s not a lot to like about the five-speed automatic transmission either.

It has shifted more than 370,000 units and the revamped Fiat Fiorino was launched in 2016 to build on its success. While it’s a cheap to run small van, the interior leaves a lot to be desired and it has an ageing design. It’s also uncomfortable for long journeys though it’s great to drive around town thanks to some very impressive diesel engines.

The Fiat Scudo makes for a sound choice in the light van segment even though it was first launched in 2007 and then revamped in 2011 – others may have more load space but the Scudo is nice to drive and has a wide range of bodystyles to choose from.

The Fiat Punto Van is a stylish addition to the van driver car segment and offers impressive levels of economy and performance while having a load space that will carry just about anything someone in this sector once. Loading may be an issue but depending on its use, the Fiat Punto Van is a great all round performer.

The Fiat Fiorino is quite impressive as a small van, there’s lots of space on board and it’s a former winner of the International Van of the Year award. Based on the Punto platform, this small van really does pack a punch.