Slowly but surely all-electric vans are taking off in the UK and while the Citroen Berlingo Electric is a great example – it’s not quite good enough. Most of the issue is down to its claimed range of 106 miles which is probably much less in real world circumstances. However, there’s no doubting that the running costs of less than £2 per 40 miles will be hugely attractive to some firms. That’s the average van’s running costs DIVIDED BY FIVE! The Berlingo Electric also has low maintenance costs so there’s a lot to recommend it – and it’s a great van to drive around town – but only those who can live with a vehicle with a short range will get to enjoy the benefits.

The new Citroen Dispatch is head and shoulders above the model it replaces and it has a decent offering in the segment. Very similar to the Toyota Proace and Peugeot Expert, there’s a lot to like about the Dispatch.

The new Citroen Berlingo delivers much of what has made this a popular van over the years; there’s still a solid build, too much in the way of equipment and a reasonable price tag. Many of the van’s fans will be pleased that the new Euro 6 engines deliver better economy and it’s still a great van to drive. Sadly, items that should be standard kit options are not available but it’s still a sound choice for those who need a small van. The other big downside when considering a van from the segment is that while the Berlingo still has winning qualities, its rivals offer more equipment and better comfort for just a little bit more money.

With an excellent range of bodystyles this award-winning van is a strong performer and cheap to run too – many fans of the Citroen Berlingo won’t use anything else.

There’s a refreshed Citroen Dispatch heading to the UK in late 2014 which should help build on the growing success of this excellent van (sales were up 30% in 2013) as buyers increasingly like what is a well-priced and feature-packed vehicle.

It might be a small van but there’s lots of space on board what is a frugal and keen performer.

Citroen Relay is still a class leader OK so it might not be best the best-looking van currently on sale but the Citroen Relay really does offer an incredible package. Leaving first impressions aside for a moment, the biggest attraction … Continued