The Toyota Hilux has been around for decades now and it’s still one of the best pickups available to buy. It’s not only durable and tough, but the latest version also delivers a car-like cabin and a comfortable ride. It’s not a cheap pickup but the Hilux does have a solid build and great driving dynamics. A revamp in 2021 so the introduction of a powerful 2.8-litre diesel engine.

There’s no doubt that the Toyota Proace Electric is a very good battery-powered van, and it’s a good solution for anybody looking for a medium-sized van for everyday use. The driving range is 205 miles and firms should find that this is an accurate figure when driven around town. It’s also a good electric van to lease, though van owners should appreciate that the residual values for the Proace Electric are better than most others in the segment.

The Toyota Proace is much better than the van it replaces and there’s a lot to recommend it; it is cheap to run, easy to drive and it’s a safe van as well. However, the steering can lack feedback, particularly on corners, and there isn’t much choice for engines and there’s no option of a high roof.

The new Toyota Hilux has a lot to live up to – it’s one of the most famous pick-ups ever made and the all-new version is an impressive offering. Indeed, when driven it handles more like an SUV rather than a pick-up and there is more refinement and interior space. It’s still a winning combination and Toyota has recognised that the market has changed and has managed to create a pick-up that will deliver what businesses are looking for as well as families wanting a ‘lifestyle pick-up’. The latest version is not an all-new model but instead is a revamp which has improved refinement and comfort levels.

The Toyota Hilux is one of the best known 4×4 pick-ups and is renowned or its reliability and ruggedness – it’s also, famously, the car that TV show Top Gear ‘couldn’t kill’.