How to get cheaper van insurance

Looking for cheap van insurance? Then you’ll need to follow the tips on getting the best deal for you.

Let’s be honest, no-one enjoys paying insurance premiums for van insurance and we are all looking at ways of reducing the cost. It’s certainly a business overhead that can’t be avoided and for many, it’s something that doesn’t come cheap.

But all it takes is a little bit of research and preparation and your van insurance policy will suit you and your wallet!

Find cheap van insurance online

The best way to find out what the market is offering is to head online and visit some of the price comparison sites. This not only makes the whole process easier but also enables you to compare ‘like with like’.

You will see which quote offers the best cover at the best price, and instantly save cash.

Be sure though to check out any additional discounts being offered as these can also have a big impact on the premium being charged.

What are van insurance discounts?

Van insurance discounts range from having several years of no claims to simply buying the insurance online.

Before accepting an offer, go through your requirements and perhaps adjust for things you don’t really need or find a way of improving your wants to reduce the premium.

For instance, try getting a quote when you don’t ask for ‘Any driver’ insurance. Instead, put some named drivers in there and you’ll be offered a cheaper quote. You can usually name up to three drivers.

If this tactic doesn’t pay dividends you can always add your extras in at a later stage.

Cut your van insurance premium

The simplest and most effective way of cutting your premium is to increase the amount of excess you are prepared to pay. For some firms this will lead to a major improvement of their terms.

But don’t choose an amount that brings the lowest premium – you have to select an amount you can afford to pay should you have an accident. It’s a false economy to do otherwise because you could end up being landed with an excessive bill you will struggle to pay.

Save money insuring your van by haggling

Another method to save money on van insurance is to try haggling. Yes, haggling. We aren’t that good at it in the UK but insurers are looking for business, so don’t just assume that the price you’ve found on an insurance comparison site is necessarily the best one you will get. Try ringing them and see if they can improve their offer – play two firms off against each other and see how much lower the premium will go!

It’s not so widely known but insurers are also looking for firms who are serious about their business. Putting your logo on the van shows you are in it for the long term and not wanting to put your investment at risk. This idea alone could lead to a 5% discount.

But don’t go too cheap when selecting van insurance. You need a level of protection you can afford from a reputable insurer – if you are offered van insurance at what seems like a price that is just too good to be true then it’s likely to bring you problems.

Avoid potential pitfalls and be honest in your dealings and the insurance companies will be only too keen to offer you cheap van insurance that suits you.