Driver CPC – Van drivers warned of driving illegally

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Driver CPC is now vital for driving LCV's over 3.5 tonnes
Driver CPC is now vital for driving LCV’s over 3.5 tonnes

Van drivers around the UK are being urged to check whether they need to have a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to ensure they comply with the law.

The call comes from Mercedes Vans after the deadline for compliance passed last week.

The firm says van drivers should check out the facts around the CPC and whether they meet the necessary requirements since there is now a legal necessity for drivers to complete 35 hours of training under the CPC every five years.

Driver CPC training is now vital

The managing director of Mercedes-Vans, Steve Bridge, told “A lot of focus has been on CPC training for truck drivers but there are nearly 4,400 vans over 3.5 tonnes to be sold in the UK this year which will also be subject to CPC legislation.

“It is vital that the van market in the UK is fully aware of the legislation which will have an impact for operator licences of mixed fleets.”

He added: “If drivers of vans over 3.5 tonnes are yet to complete, or even start their CPC training, before they drive their vehicle again they must ensure they have undertaken the 35 hours of learning.”

Van drivers urged to avoid £1,000 fines

Drivers are being warned that they face a fine of up to £1,000 for driving without a Driver CPC and it would mean their insurance would also be void.

Mr Bridge pointed out that he had completed his Driver CPC training which included subjects such as fuel economy, load security and safety.

He said: “Training for van drivers should be an enjoyable learning experience that brings everyone to a level beyond the minimum demanded by the current legislation or even potential future legislation.”

Mercedes now run Driver CPC courses

Mercedes is running approved Driver CPC courses which include varied classroom and in-vehicle training with a range of optional topics including driver and road safety, economical driving and road risk.

One firm that recognises the benefits of such training for its drivers is Iceland Foods which has put 900 of its home delivery vehicle fleet drivers on the specialist course.

There’s more information about the Driver CPC legislation and exemptions to the legislation from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.