Foreign lorries involved in motorway accidents rocket 14%

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Growing number of foreign lorries on the UK’s roads is seeing motorway accidents increasing

The shock figure comes from insurance claims firm Accident Exchange who say that one in three motorway accidents now involve a foreign lorry.

The organisation adds that the most likely HGV’s to be involved in an accident are from Germany, Spain and Poland.

However, when the figures are analysed, the most accident prone drivers are from Poland, in nearly 16% of accidents, while German lorries accounted for 13% of motorway accidents.

Spanish lorries accounted for 8.5% of all incidents.

The motorway with the most accidents, unsurprisingly, is the M25 which saw more foreign lorry incidents than any other UK road.

The next worst for motorway accidents is the M6 and then the M1.

A third of accidents involving foreign lorries take place in city and town centres.

Motorway accidents for foreign lorries on the rise

The Accident Exchange found that 1100 smashes involving foreign lorries occurred on the UK’s motorways in 2014 – a rise of 14% since 2012.

When all road types are analysed, the number of incidents involving foreign lorries is running at 3,100 or, more worryingly, nearly nine incidents every day.

To put this into context, motorway accidents are fairly rare on average and account for just 4.3% of all road accidents which makes them the safest roads in the UK.

However, with a third of all foreign lorry accidents taking place on motorways highlights a safety issue.

A director of the organisation, Liz Fisher, said: “This worrying statistic shows that it’s an increasingly real possibility for a collision with a foreign lorry.

“We urge motorists to drive with vigilance and safety mind at all times.”

Frustrating insurance claims for motorway accidents

She also added that anyone involved in an accident with a lorry from abroad may find themselves encountering ‘difficult and frustrating administrative complications’.

Among the potential reasons for a high rate of motorway accidents is that the drivers are in unfamiliar territory, cars being caught in a lorry’s blindspot as it changes lanes and cars being rear-ended by heavier vehicles.