GBA Services transport the Lotus ‘Beast’

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It caused something of a stir on social media but when carmaker Lotus needed a ‘beast’ to be transported to Goodwood Festival of Speed they called in GBA Services.

The firm picked up the special crate at the firm’s Norfolk factory and transported it the 190 miles to Goodwood where it was placed safely for a big media unveil.

Along the way, the GBA Services’ truck was featured on social media passing various famous landmarks as Lotus recorded its progress down the country’s roads.

GBA Services is ‘world class’

A spokesman for Lotus said that they build high-performance, world-class sports cars and need a logistics firm which has the skills and specialist knowledge and that, for them, is GBA Services.

The managing director of the haulage firm, David Birkbeck, said: “Our expertise lies in the commitment to surpassing customer requirements whatever they may be. Every job as a priority, matter its location, size or security specification.”

Lotus 3-Eleven makes debut thanks to GBA Services

For those who missed the social media buzz, Lotus has used the Goodwood event to unveil its new 3-Eleven sports car.

The vehicle is now the fastest car it’s made and production of the handmade car is being restricted to 311 models.