Meet the Tigrotto: IVECO’s new off-road offering inspired by a classic

The new Iveco Tigrotto impresses

If you are looking for a vehicle that can handle any terrain and carry heavy loads, you might want to check out the new IVECO Daily 4×4 Tigrotto.

This special edition truck is a tribute to the legendary Tigrotto of the 1950s, a versatile and robust machine that was used for various heavy-duty missions.

The new Tigrotto combines the ruggedness of the original with the comfort and technology of the modern IVECO Daily 4×4.

Customised to suit a firm’s needs and preferences

Available as a chassis cab, it can be customised to suit a firm’s needs and preferences – whether you need a tipper, a camper, a fire engine or anything else, the Tigrotto can handle it.

You can also choose between an on- or off-road specification, depending on how adventurous you are.

The Tigrotto is powered by a 3.0-litre 180 hp diesel engine and an 8-speed HI-MATIC automatic gearbox, which deliver smooth and reliable performance.

Gross vehicle weight of 7.2 tonnes

The truck has a gross vehicle weight of 7.2 tonnes and can carry up to 4,165 kg of payload. It can also accommodate body lengths up to 4,450 metres.

But what makes the Tigrotto stand out is its off-road capability.

The truck has all-wheel drive, three locking differentials and low-speed gearbox ratios, which give it maximum traction and control on any surface.

Tigrotto also has an electronic stability programme

The Tigrotto also has an electronic stability programme (ESP) that prevents wheel slip and improves safety.

The truck also offers a high ground clearance and excellent approach and departure angles, which allow it to overcome obstacles and steep slopes with ease.

First unveiled at IAA 2022 in Hannover, where it attracted a lot of attention from visitors and media, IVECO has decided to offer it in right-hand drive as well as left-hand drive because there has been so much interest.

Comfortable cab that offers a ‘vintage’ inspired dashboard

It also has a spacious and comfortable cab that offers a ‘vintage’ inspired dashboard in contrasting shades, with a Tigrotto logo and branded floormats.

This is a truck that is ideal for recreational and leisure purposes, as well as for motorhome conversions.

Mike Cutts, IVECO UK‘s light business-line director, said: “The Tigrotto is not only a stylish and eye-catching vehicle, but also a powerful and reliable one that showcases the impressive all-terrain capabilities of the IVECO Daily 4×4.”

The Tigrotto is now available to order from IVECO dealerships across the UK.