Mercedes Econic safety truck expands market

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The Mercedes Econic has been unveiled as a major step forward in improving pedestrian and cyclist safety our roads, as the firm looks to build on its success in other markets.

The truck is becoming increasingly popular with councils and now Mercedes other sectors wanting to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians would do well to consider it.

Essentially, the Econic has been designed for meeting municipal duties and it is marketed as such, though it’s now being offered to other sectors, most notably in construction.

Mercedes say that its new Econic-based mixers, tippers, skip loaders will bring substantial safety benefits for those firms looking to reduce the risks of their vehicles being involved in a collision with pedestrians or cyclists.

One reason for its class-leading safety standards to protect pedestrians and cyclists is its low entry cab which has a panoramic windscreen and a fully-glazed, bus style folding passenger door.

This is what brings the Mercedes Econic its top selling attraction and that’s its all-round visibility – it’s almost unparalleled for the segment.

Mercedes Econic offers eye-level protection

In addition, the Econic has a low seating position for the driver which means they are at the same eye-level as cyclists and pedestrians and have excellent cross-cab vison that is unimpeded.

More importantly, the driver has eye-to-eye contact with those who could potentially be a collision with the vehicle.

But that’s not all, Mercedes have also added a number of cameras to improve visibility and it has got a ‘tridem’ rear parking to enable high manoeuvrability.