Mercedes unveil help in choosing your next van

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With competition in the UK’s van market increasing with a number of impressive new models, anyone looking for a van could be forgiven for being confused on what is being offered.

Now Mercedes has launched a new online tool to help those potential van buyers work their way through the jungle by comparing vans on a like-for-like basis.

Called the ‘Fleet and Business Comparison Tool’, it’s available on the firm’s website and is also tablet compatible.

New van comparison tool to help decision-making

The site will enable fleet customers to compare any Mercedes Benz van with three of its nearest competitors to help illustrate how a Mercedes van will perform in the marketplace.

Data for the competitor vehicles is being provided by CAP Ltd, an independent firm providing motor research for the vehicle industry.

There’s even a way to compare vehicles by entering the owner’s own registration number and all comparisons are being presented in a concise and clear layout which can also be saved online or emailed for future reference.

How to compare vans and get the best deal

Among the data being analysed is to look at a van’s technology, residual values, cost efficiencies and standard spec. The optional extras are also taken into account which is important for fleet managers.

Sally Dennis, who is head of fleet for Mercedes, said: “Mercedes are competitive for standard equipment, economy and CO2 emissions so we are pleased to offer a tool that will deliver intelligent analysis.”

The website will also help promote Mercedes vans as a viable alternative and show that they can be as competitive on price and performance with their competitors.

Ms Dennis added: “We hope users see how competitive we are and to encourage them to take another look at Mercedes and see that the numbers work.”

For more information visit the Mercedes fleet and business comparison tool.