Renault Ready4Work pricing unveiled

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The Renault Ready4Work system got the thumbs up from fans at the CV Show and now the firm has announced pricing for its storage and racking equipment system.

The system can be fitted to all of the firm’s commercial vehicles and prices start at £750.

Renault says that its innovative system is popular because it allows customers to specify equipment before their new vehicle is picked up from a dealership rather than facing downtime having the storage gear fitted retrospectively.

It also means that the Renault Ready4Work for a new vehicle can be financed in one package from the beginning.

The system comes in two different types and covers most trades and small business requirements such as plumbers and electricians.

Racking and storage system for Renault vans

The idea is that professionals can carry a wide range of accessories, tools and components and includes and time slip floor covering and aluminium floor rails.

In addition to know really being involved, the Renault Ready4Work system also comes with a four year, or 100,000 mile warranty, which matches the firm’s LCV warranty offering.

Any system is available for the standard and long wheelbase versions of the Kangoo Van, the new Trafic with prices starting at £995 and the new Master, where sitting the kit stats from £1,250 in the short wheelbase version.

Steve Wilson, Renault’s product manager, said: “We don’t want our customers losing time and money waiting for their new vans to be fitted out after they’ve picked them up. This is the most effective, efficient way of ordering a new van.”