Hyundai iLoad

Our Rating: 4/5


  • Car-like handling
  • Good warranty
  • Value for money


  • Electronic stability control not standard feature
  • Restricted body options

Hyundai iLoad is a load carrier with a difference

Hyundai may not be a big player in the UK’s van market and its offering may be restricted with the one engine and one of body shape of its iLoad but anyone looking for car-like abilities and a cracking warranty will be attracted.

There’s no other van currently on sale offering a five year warranty, or 100,000 miles, which is truly impressive and is a big reason for buying one.

The load space is also a decent 4.3 cubic metres and there’s a decent amount of kit on board too.

However, another big attraction is that the users of the Hyundai iLoad speak highly of its capabilities.

Another surprise is that the iLoad is also rear wheel drive which means that the turning circle is very tight.

Around town it’s a great performer and at high speed on the motorways it’s a quiet and assured performer. Apart from the lack of choice and lower economy figures, there’s very little to criticise the Hyundai iLoad.


Reasons to buy

Leaving aside the lack of body options, there’s a lot going for the Hyundai iLoad which has a load volume of 4.3 cubic metres and a payload potential of 1,062kg so this van is not one to be ignored lightly.

The iLoad is also well-equipped and there’s a high spec level too but it’s for the car-like handling and comfortable drive that will attract many owners.

The van also has twin sliding doors fitted as standard and the option of a tailgate or twin rear doors is also a bonus.

However, Hyundai obviously appreciates the fact the range is limited and so makes this van a real value for money option instead.

Their offering is reliable and highly rated by owners. For anyone who needs a good van that’s comfortable to drive while being cheap to own with a five year warranty, then the Hyundai iLoad is for you.


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Running Costs

There’s just one engine available for the Hyundai iLoad; the very effective 2.5 litre diesel unit with four cylinders which has 114bhp of power.

The engine is coupled to a six speed manual gearbox and should return around 37mpg while having CO2 emissions of 199g/km. Many of its rivals are now returning at least 40 mpg.

The iLoad is also cheap to run and service intervals are set at 10,000 miles or 12 months. Again many rivals offer much better service intervals than that though the iLoad is well-known for its reliability so there shouldn’t be any major maintenance issues.

Despite that, the Hyundai iLoad really does have a winning card in the form of its 100,000 mile warranty or five years, whichever comes first, which really is a market leading offer.


Load Space

There’s just the one model in the line-up and two trim levels though it’s also available as a crew van which will seat six adults in comfort and has 2.5 cubic metres of space.

The standard van offers 4.3 cubic metres of space and there’s a maximum payload available of 1,062kg.

Access to the load space is easy thanks to the standard twin sliding doors and there’s the option of either twin opening doors at the rear or a lift-up tailgate.

The lighting in the load space is also very useful and the rear doors also come with either privacy glass or non-glazed doors. There are also several useful load lashing points on the floor to help secure cargo.

Technology & Safety

Surprisingly the Hyundai iLoad does not come with electronic stability control, despite the fact that the people carrier it is based on does, but has it as an option instead. Traction control is also available.

There’s also ABS brakes fitted as standard with electronic brake force distribution. A driver’s airbag is also standard, and a passenger airbag is fitted to the better spec model.

Hyundai offers its iLoad with a full height steel bulkhead with a window as standard on the crew and the panel vans.


Don’t be put off by the fact that there’s only one engine available; there’s enough torque and power from the 114bhp unit to help deliver a decent performance. It’s a relaxed cruiser at high speed, the six speed gearbox is a good performer and it’s quiet to drive too.

Because it’s based on a people carrier, the sound insulation is very good and there’s barely any road noise and the suspension proves supple enough to provide a very comfortable ride, even on rough roads.

There’s also little in the way of body roll on tight corners and the steering offers good feedback to help deliver an enjoyable, and dare we say ‘fun’, driving experience.

Like many rivals it does have a different feel when there’s no load onboard but it still feels assured.



As one would expect, there’s a lot of kit on board the Hyundai iLoad as standard including air con, electric windows and mirrors and a very good sound system too.

The driver’s seat is easily adjusted and all three of the front seats can be moved backwards and forwards independently for increased legroom. Surprisingly, Bluetooth connectivity is not included as standard and neither is a touchscreen satnav but they are available as an option.

The cab certainly feels more comfortable than many of its rivals and it has been well designed. The driver’s seat gives a good view of the road and the controls are close to hand.


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