Mercedes eSprinter (2021)

Our Rating: 4/5


  • Lots of options
  • One-tonne payload capacity
  • Spacious big van


  • Battery range
  • Just one body

The Mercedes eSprinter is one of the best large electric vans currently available and it’s a competitor on its specification and price, though the battery range could be better. Based on the front-wheel drive version of the diesel-powered sibling, there’s an electric drivetrain that is shared with the eVito. The large van segment is now a competitive one with a raft of impressive battery-powered vehicles but the eSprinter certainly does impress.

The Mercedes eSprinter is a very good electric van, it is comfortable and smooth to drive and feels well planted. However, the payload capacity is just 1 tonne, and the battery range is just 93 miles. Having said that, this is a well-made van and for those who want a large vehicle, it is worth shortlisting.


Mercedes says

The UK’s market-leading large van gets the Mercedes eSprinter to keep businesses moving intelligently, cost-effectively and sustainably.

The eSprinter is offered exclusively in the Progressive trim.

There are two variants, one offering standard DC 20kW fast charging meaning the vehicle can be charged in 120 mins to 10-80% of capacity. The other DC 80kW charging meaning it can be charged in 30 mins to 10-80%

In addition, the eSprinter uses a process called recuperation that recovers energy when the vehicle is decelerating. Drivers can adjust the recuperation mode with the gearshift paddles and the greater the recuperation, the faster the vehicle will decelerate.

Reasons to buy

There are lots of reasons to buy an electric van, and the Mercedes eSprinter delivers a comfortable and spacious vehicle to drive around town and on motorways. There’s a lot of safety equipment onboard and the van has a 100,000-mile or three-year warranty – the battery does come with an eight-year unlimited mileage warranty. This is a capable electric van and will carry heavy loads, but the small payload may be a compromise too far for some firms. However, there are more reasons to buy the eSprinter than not, and if you need a large van it should meet your needs.

If you like the Mercedes eSprinter, then consider the Renault Master ZE or the Volkswagen e-Crafter.

Running Costs

The Mercedes eSprinter comes with an 85kW motor producing 114 bhp and torque of 218Nm. From a standing start, the eSprinter is quick to accelerate. The battery is 55kWh and offers a range of 96 miles and it’s a good performer around town and also on motorways at speed.

Using a wall box will see the battery being recharged in eight hours, while a rapid charger will deliver 80% of the battery’s capacity in 30 minutes.

Recharging at business premises will mean doing so overnight but be aware that the size of the eSprinter means it probably won’t fit into most electric charging bays at car parks and town centres.

Load Space

The Mercedes eSprinter has a payload of 774kg which is smaller than some medium-sized vans which can carry a tonne, for example the Citroen e-Dispatch.

It’s also only available as the L2H2 model with a load space of 11 m³. The loading length is more than 3 metres and it is 2 metres high – so there’s plenty of space for carrying large items, but not particularly heavy ones.

It’s worth considering also that the Renault Master ZE can carry a tonne but its range is just 75 miles.

Technology & Safety

One area that the Mercedes eSprinter really does score is for the safety levels and there’s lots of safety kit on board. A lot of this is fitted as standard whereas it would be an option in other vans, so drivers get to enjoy crosswind assist, autonomous emergency braking, driver attention alert and active lane keeping assist. There’s also keyless entry and a smartphone app that adds other security and tracking features.

There’s only one trim level and standard equipment includes a driver’s heated seat, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, two front passenger seats plus a 7-inch infotainment display. Drivers also get a multifunction steering wheel – and several cupholders.


The Mercedes eSprinter is just as comfortable to drive as its diesel-powered sibling and this large van has nice handling.

The van has regenerative braking to help top-up the battery. The battery pack under the floor helps with handling and there’s little in the way of body roll when cornering when there’s no cargo.

The cabin is quiet and the 85kW battery delivers a swift sprint from a standing start.

The driving modes are also easy to use – C mode offers comfort, while Economy will help with battery range.

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