Mercedes Sprinter (2018)

Our Rating: 5/5


  • Build quality
  • Comfort levels
  • Handling
  • Technology


  • Price
  • Running costs

Mercedes Sprinter runs to the front

The new Mercedes Sprinter van is offered in three wheel bases and three roof heights; there’s something for everyone in this mix along with an all-new tractor chassis for conversions. Alongside two automatic gearboxes of seven and nine gears, the new van is an impressive creation compared to its predecessor. This is the third generation Sprinter and it is going to set the bar in a competitive marketplace.

Along with a complete redesign, the Sprinter offers advanced connectivity which is growing in demand from buyers and Mercedes say this is the most advanced that has ever been fitted to a van before. There will be 18 services available from launch included including class leading and innovative services. There’s a communication module, fitted as standard, which features an in-built SIM card to deliver data between the van, vehicle managers and the driver. Again, this is a growing need for owners.


Reasons to buy

The Mercedes sprinter has been a popular choice in the UK for years now and the new 2018 model will deliver an impressive creation. While it is on the pricey side, it should be a reliable van to run with reasonable running costs. It’s also a stylish creation and a comfortable place to spend time. And, let’s face it, the badge on the front will speak volumes to clients which will also help shift numbers.

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Running Costs

The Mercedes Sprinter isn’t being sold on its ability to be the cheapest van to operate but there features such as eco-monitoring so fuel consumption can be viewed in real time. The maintenance and service schedules can be monitored automatically to help prevent downtime. Service intervals are 40,000 km, or 25,000 miles.

The refined 3.0 litre diesel unit is the only six cylinder powered engine for the large van market. The engine produces 190 HP with lots of torque to deliver a smooth driving experience. There’s also a smaller four-cylinder engine of 2.1 litres and this diesel unit comes in a choice of three outputs; 114 HP, 143 HP or 163 HP. It’s available in front or rear wheel drive.  Fuel economy will range from 30mpg for the V6 engine to 45mpg for the smaller units.

Load Space

The new Mercedes Sprinter offers a variable stowage concept that will help keep everything in its place. The load compartment offers detailed solutions such as loadable wheel arches and the load compartment is fully usable with a maximum capacity of 17 m³. The Sprinter will carry up to 5.5 t.

Technology & Safety

There is a raft of driver assistance systems including theft management which allows the owner to set pre-defined geo-fences against possible theft (basically, if the van is moved outside of these parameters the alarm will be raised).

However, there are a number of firsts for the class including the debut of Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system; this is a user experience development and has been carried over from the firm’s passenger cars. It’s fitted standard with a 7-inch touchscreen with steering wheel touchpads to enable connectivity with a media interface. There’s also a DAB radio in the Sprinter for the first time. There’s also a 10.2-inch touchscreen with the option of satnav with live traffic monitoring available.

Safety features include active brake assist so the van can brake autonomously to prevent a rear-end collision. It’s also the only van currently available that comes with active brake assist featuring pedestrian protection. Drivers also get attention assist to spot drowsiness and fatigue and encourage regular breaks. Other new features include a self-cleaning reversing camera which shows the image in the rear view mirror.

Some owners will also appreciate the firm’s emergency call system which will summon a rescue service should there be an accident.


There’s no doubt that the Mercedes Sprinter is a good-looking vehicle and the redesign is impressive. The cabin is practical and uncluttered with ergonomically shaped seats. This is a very comfortable van to drive and not just around town with lots of stops and starts but also on long motorway journeys. The AdBlue tank has been increased to 22 litres and the engine technology offers lower emissions and a smooth operation. All of the engines deliver the smooth performance you would expect from Mercedes and the Sprinter has been a popular choice for many years – the new offering is an impressive creation and will deliver years of sound performance.

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