Mercedes X Class (2017)

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Mercedes X Class marks the spot

The Mercedes X Class delivers an excellent pickup with an impressive engine and business users might do well to hang on for the promised range topper having a V6 unit producing 254 bhp underneath the bonnet. The biggest attraction for the X Class is the car-like handling and Mercedes has opted for all-round coil spring suspension to help deliver the level of comfort it believes its customers are looking for. This is certainly a better handling vehicle than many of its rivals and the interior makes it a comfortable place to spend time in as well – it’s unmistakable as a Mercedes plush interior.

Reasons to buy

Let’s not pretend and kid ourselves into believing that the Mercedes X Class is going to be a workhorse that will take a daily battering for firms on building sites, for instance, since Mercedes is making it clear that this is a pickup for the premium end of the market. That means essentially that this is aimed at lifestyle buyers who want to enjoy the rugged good looks of a pickup but enjoy car-like handling and the comforts of an SUV. They get all this and more with the new X Class. There’s no doubt it’s a good-looking vehicle and it is built on the hard-won reputation of the Nissan Navara and while Mercedes has made a long list of changes, it’s an impressive stand-apart offering for those who want a comfortable and spacious pickup to enjoy. There is a lot to recommend the Mercedes X Class and we will undoubtedly see lots of them on our roads but it’s unlikely that many of them will be used for work purposes.


If you like the Mercedes X Class then have a look at the Nissan Navara and the Volkswagen Amarok.

Running Costs

From launch, the Mercedes X Class will have a choice of two 2.3 litre four-cylinder diesel engines producing 161 bhp or 187 bhp; both have the option of the firm’s seven speed automatic transmission or a six speed standard gearbox. Both engines also come with selectable four-wheel-drive. For those wanting the impressive V6 engine, then the X350d will reach the UK showrooms in the middle of 2018. This particular pickup will also come with permanent four-wheel-drive and seven speed automatic transmission as standard and a variable centre differential. Potential owners should be looking at economy of around 44 mpg and there are good warranties to ensure that the X Class is a sound purchase over the first two and three years of ownership.

Load Space

The Mercedes X Class is 5,340 mm in length, that it is a tad longer than the Navara it is based on, and it’s also wider at 1,920 mm. The pickup is also slightly lower which helps boost its powerful on road presence. The Mercedes X Class will tow up to 3.5 tonnes, which is what it rivals will do and the maximum payload is rated at 1,042 kg. Also, the rear bumper can be deleted so the tailgate opens lower.

The X Class also features LED lighting for the vehicle’s load area and there is an easy clean plastic interior floor. Among the options list is a hard top canopy that’s been designed by Mercedes for the X Class’s load bed which helps give the impression of a working vehicle.

Technology & Safety

While the Mercedes X Class is an impressive pickup that might become a workhorse for businesses around the UK, it has been tailored to be a lifestyle vehicle so the comfort levels are higher and there’s a long list of equipment including air con, alloy wheels and an impressive audio system. Other models come with a better infotainment system, climate control and electrically adjustable front seats. The options list is extensive, as is usual with Mercedes, and can be expensive and these include roll bars, a painted protecting bed liner, a tonneau cover and a 360° parking camera.

Safety features include seven airbags and the pickup will, if necessary, wade across water at depths of up to 600 mm. The pickup also features internally vented brake discs as standard.


Leaving aside the handling abilities, the Mercedes X Class has an impressive interior made with premium materials; the spare parts bin has also been heavily raided with most of the cabin resembling mainstream Mercedes cars – particularly the C Class. Among the features is a 7-inch infotainment screen along with six seat fabrics and the option of two leather choices with contrasting stitching for the seats as well.

Since the X Class is based on the Navara, the handling is assured and Mercedes has tweaked the suspension chassis so it’s an even better performer around town. There’s also decent performance when taken off-road and the V6 version comes with dynamic select so drivers can choose a driving mode for their circumstances including an off-road driving mode – not that it’s ever likely to be used.

Essentially, the X Class offers a premium pickup in an increasingly competitive segment and there will be businesses keen to pay the premium to have this as their work vehicle.

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