Renault Master ZE (2018)

Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Cheap to run
  • Tried and tested kit


  • Cost
  • Recharging time
  • Worries over range

The Renault Master ZE delivers

With van makers increasingly turning to the all-electric vehicle market, it’s only a matter of time before they all offer something to meet this growing demand. The Renault Master ZE has used tried and tested equipment and delivers low running costs and lots of comfort. There’s a lot to recommend it, particularly for those wanting an electric van to work hard in towns and cities though the range may cause questions for those who need to do longer runs.

With the Renault Kangoo ZE offering the same electric motor – though there’s a new battery for the larger Master van – Renault has built-up a lot of experience to deliver an impressive vehicle to meet the needs for this increasingly competitive segment. For those who are looking for a van that carries a decent payload and handles well around town with very low running costs, there’s a lot to recommend the Renault Master ZE. One of the big attractions is for the real world range of 74 miles and even in heavy winter weather, which reduces substantially the range since the van will be using heaters etc, Renault is promising Master owners that they will still be capable of at least 50 miles. That will deter interest from lots of potential buyers but for those with access to quick charging points then it’s still a van to seriously consider. Also, there is likely to be growing issues over the use of diesel engine vehicles within city centres in the near future and for those who make the switch to all-electric may reap the rewards for doing so.


Reasons to buy

Let’s face it, there are growing issues over van owners and environmental issues and the Renault Master ZE deals with this in a great way. There are no emissions and it’s an ideal van for use in towns and cities. It’s also a comfortable place to spend time with a real world range of 74 miles. It also only take six hours to fully recharge and there’s a growing network of quick charging points as well.

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Running Costs

With all-electric vans, the running costs are in the charging of the battery. While there growing numbers of quick charging points being built around the UK, you’ll still need to install a wall socket for overnight charging. There are different rates and tariffs for this and for those firms with solar panels then you could be looking at having incredible low running costs.

Load Space

The Renault Master is a popular van around Europe and the ZE effectively builds on this. There are six versions of the van to meet business needs which utilise two heights and three lengths.

The payload is from 1 tonne to 1.1 t and the load space is up to a spacious 13 m³, depending on the van chosen.

Since the battery is fitted under the body, the payload dimensions are the same for the standard Master with a low bed height which is the lowest for the segment. There are also two platform conversions available with payloads of 1,370 kg and 1,350 kg.

There are also lots of opportunities to convert the Master ZE with the network of approved converters to create a more specialised vehicle, particularly refrigerated vans with exclusive colours and layout.

Technology & Safety

New vans are showing high levels of kit and connectivity and the Renault Master ZE is no different; the firm’s Connect offering enables you to check the van’s range on a smartphone or remotely on a computer. The app also shows where the nearest charging point is and ZE Pass enables a driver to prepay for most public charging points.

Renault also offers Easy Connect for fleets to help manage the vehicle and reduce running costs.

Safety features include the optional wide view mirror and a reversing camera. The cabin is still a comfortable place to be and is a mobile office space featuring a document holder and a swivel table.  The multi-media system means the satnav can be voice operated, and it’s easy to operate the range management system.


One of the big attractions for an all-electric van is that the power is delivered quickly and the Renault Master ZE offers great performance. The maximum speed for the ZE is 62 mph with technology that is tried and tested in the firm’s Kangoo ZE so it should be reliable.

Opt for the eco mode, and the range can be extended though the maximum speed is restricted to 50 mph and the van will have slower acceleration. For most drivers in towns and cities, this won’t be so much of an issue. Also, Renault insists that even when the Master ZE has a heavy load, or you’re travelling in bad winter weather then driving around the city centre will still see a comfortable range of 50 miles being achieved.

The bottom line for the Renault Master ZE is that the handling is just as comfortable as for the standard van but in a much quieter environment for the driver and passengers. Operating it around town is easy with nice acceleration, even with a heavy load. Out on the open road, progress is swift and it’s a stable and capable van for a wide range of uses.

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