Volkswagen e-Crafter (2018)

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is the polished and impressive product that takes the conventional sibling to new heights. It’s got the same level of comfort and quality, the great interior and lots of safety equipment. The impressive low running costs will impress and with the all-electric market growing quickly, the VW e-Crafter will find an enthusiastic market of buyers – though after its ‘official’ launch at the Commercial Vehicle Show it became apparent that the e-Crafter would not be reaching the UK in late 2018 as had been expected. And it might not be here in 2019 either. Read more to find out why.

Volkswagen Crafter (2017)

The Volkswagen Crafter is an all-new creation and the firm’s most versatile and largest van with a wide choice of body styles including Tipper, panel van, double and single cabs and a dropside. It’s also a very comfortable place to spend long journeys with an impressive interior and lots of safety equipment for peace of mind. Typically, the Crafter has been outperformed by its rivals, particularly from Ford, but it has built-up a strong following with those owners appreciating the solid build and reliability levels. The new van is solid and its practicality will make it a popular choice for those who spend money on it – if they decide to make the switch from the competitors.