TDI-Tuning records boom in demand

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Tuning a TDI engine will make it more efficient, says firm

Growing demand from businesses with vans in the UK is seeing one firm’s TDI engine tuning skills rocket.

TDI-Tuning is a tuning box producer and designer and they have seen demand for their services in the commercial vehicle sector grow by 25% in the first three months of this year.

The increase in sales mirrors that seen by the sales of vans and trucks, which grew by 24% over the same period, as fleets move towards larger vehicles.

It’s in this part of the commercial vehicle market where TDI-Tuning’s products can help the most by enabling a vehicle to be as cost-effective as possible.

This is a boon for small fleet operators looking to cut costs.

The firm’s Graeme King said: “Traditionally small business fleets approach us for advice on how to make their vans, trucks and transporters perform to their best while minimising their fuel consumption.”


TDI-Tuning can help TDI fuel economy

The firm says that business confidence is returning and fleets are investing in larger vehicles but these are a drain on a firm’s resources.

Tuning boxes, made by TDI-Tuning, can help address the issues of fuel consumption and drivability.

Mr King added that most large vans and trucks can benefit with better fuel economy while maximising torque across the vehicle’s rev range.

He explained that having consistently strong torque delivery means fewer gear changes and increased responsiveness to help save the business cash on its high fuel costs.

According to TDI-Tuning, the average improvement of two or three mpg equates to an overall annual saving for a business of between £2,000 and £5,000; depending on their fuel bill.

Tuning boxes to boost performance and economy

The range of tuning boxes begins at less than £300 and require no special skills for fitting which takes less than 30 minutes.

The boxes have a three year warranty and are backed with a 24-hour full support service.

They are also water resistant and leave no trace when they are removed from the engine.