TUAL’s PowerBank Pro-Charging will transform electric van productivity for fleets

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TUAL’s innovative PowerBank Pro-Charging tackles electric van charging challenges, boosting fleet productivity and profitability.

Electric van fleet operators struggling with limited range and charging infrastructure now have a revolutionary solution with TUAL’s PowerBank Pro-Charging.

This flexible system, which has been developed alongside major European fleets, will address critical challenges facing electric commercial vehicles.

With growing demand for zero-emission vans and pressure on manufacturers to deliver, there’s an urgent need for better charging solutions.

Current eLCV offerings often fall short, the firm says, with limited range and charging challenges creating significant costs.

Up to 40% of van usage exceeds real-world range, and 70% of drivers lack home or depot charging, leading to lost productivity costing fleets.

Providing van-fleet drivers with the energy they need

The firm’s founder and chief executive, Philip Clarke, said: “Providing van-fleet drivers with guaranteed access to the energy they need, at the time and place of their choosing, plays a critical role in transforming vehicle suitability, driver satisfaction and fleet profitability.

“That is what TUAL has been founded to achieve, and – together with some of Europe’s largest fleets – that is what our unique powerbank technology has been developed to facilitate.”

He added: “We are firmly on track on the journey from product development and prototyping to full-scale manufacturing, and the scope of the technology is hugely exciting for us – with the business looking in future to expand into haulage, agriculture, emergency-services, and defence fleets.

“Focusing our initial offering on the eLCV segment as a core component of enterprise fleets, we’re committed to delivering the tools they need to make a success of their transition to electric power.”

Modular powerbanks are designed for maximum flexibility

TUAL says its modular powerbanks are designed for maximum flexibility, overcoming grid and vehicle constraints.

They are the only on-demand battery system compatible across various vehicle manufacturers, with seamless installation through integration kits.

TUAL offers a comprehensive suite of solutions which includes:

  • Vehicle ReCharge: Provides overnight charging regardless of location, minimising disruption
  • Range extender: Extends vehicle range for long-distance operations
  • Portable power: Delivers off-grid energy for auxiliary equipment and charging other vehicles.

PowerBank will empower fleets to take control

The firm also says its PowerBank will empower fleets to take control of their charging operations, maximising vehicle uptime and profitability.

It will also have prevent firms relying  on public charging infrastructure.

For more information on the firm and its portfolio of ground-breaking solutions, visit the TUAL website.