Van drivers shift gears – EVs are now seen as more cost-effective

Over half of UK van drivers believe electric vans are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel options. Survey finds growing acceptance of EVs despite charging concerns.

A study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has revealed a big shift in the perception of electric vehicles (EVs) among van drivers.

The research shows that more than half (52%) now believe EVs are cheaper to operate than petrol or diesel alternatives.

The survey comes amid rising business costs, highlighting the growing appeal of electric options.

‘When and how to make the switch to EVs’

VW’s national fleet manager, Craig Cavanagh, said: “There’s no doubt that UK businesses are seriously considering when and how to make the switch to EVs.

“Van drivers are recognising the benefits.

“This is particularly true for those located in or around London, following the growth of the ULEZ zone and the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme fund.”

Strong support for EVs

The findings also indicate strong support for EVs from a practicality standpoint – with 67% of drivers saying electric vans would be suitable for their daily work.

Nearly a third (29%) cited the expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) as a motivating factor to switch to electric.

However, while there’s a growing openness to EVs, some challenges persist.

Charging remains the main concern for van drivers, with 57% expressing anxieties about charging times.

Despite this, the survey also found a big drop in reliability concerns, indicating a growing confidence in EV technology.

Electric van fleet operators

VW’s findings point towards a future where sustainability and economic benefits are converging for electric van fleet operators.

Businesses looking to make the switch can take advantage of financial incentives like London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme and special offers on electric vans.

For firms looking to switch, Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz Cargo, the brand’s first electric van, offers a practical solution for businesses seeking sustainable mobility.

With a range of up to 254 miles, it comes equipped with advanced features to support daily operations.