AGM Telematics’ routeMaster Review

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AGM Telematics have made a proud boast of their new routeMaster product by saying it will become the industry standard for efficient tracking, dispatch and planning of delivery fleets.

Launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show, the firm says it offers ‘end-to-end’ logistics and will bring huge benefits to customers.

The Corby-based firm, who are experts in fleet management and vehicle tracking, says clients are already enjoying big savings.

One of them is meat products wholesaler, Meatlink, who have installed routeMaster to its van fleet.

With its unique scheduling and routing system, the firm says it has already enjoyed big savings and helped to revolutionise the logistics and planning of its multi-drop delivery route through central England.

The firm, based in Market Harborough, says the system works well by automatically converting orders from clients into an optimum route for the driver.

It also calculates distances in times for the entire delivery route so removes the need for manual route planning.

Clients also get to enjoy an accurate time for delivery.

routeMaster has an impressive vehicle tracking element

The firm also says that the vehicle tracking element of the offering gives ‘complete visibility’ of their fleet and the status of every job can be checked at a glance.

The telematics side comes with a full suite of reports to measure individual driver activity and help review deliveries to boost overall performance. Among the reports that can be produced are those for timesheets which reduces errors and the risk of overpayments, a reduction in unnecessary mileage, engine idling and CO2 emissions.

By using telematics and route analytics software, the firm says it has been able to open up new areas to clients and increase its average number of drops per vehicle every day.

As would be expected, the tracking element helps to bring efficiencies to the van fleet by racking up fewer road miles and less fuel.

One of the advantages for using the routeMaster system from AGM Telematics is that it is easy-to-use and has been designed for busy fleet managers.

The firm’s director George Weston said: “Our reputation is built on supplying competitively priced fleet management solutions which are easy to install, simple to use and guarantee to provide a significant return on investment.

“Our new route master solution lives up to these qualities and complements our wide range of vehicle tracking and monitoring scheduling systems and will, we believe, become the standard for multi-drop fleet efficiency.”

Track vehicles effectively with routeMaster

Like many of its competitors, the routeMaster system gives fleet operators the ability to track the exact location of its vehicles, assets and drivers in real time.

However, the system also enables improved operational productivity and the chance to maximise fleet efficiency.

The system also comes with unlimited user licenses to encourage all departments to benefit from a live view of the vehicle fleet work loads and workforce. Though, as we found, user access rights can be restricted to ensure that only the right people can view staff and asset data.

The entire platform is built on a premium mapping platform with maps updated automatically every three months and software updates are implemented for free for the life of the system.

AGM says its routeMaster tracking system offers ‘complete vehicle and driver tracking’ by tracking the entire fleet in real time they can monitor the progress of jobs and deliveries.

This means the system will automatically update the estimated time for deliveries and will highlight potential issues in advance – the aim is to keep the customer informed before a problem escalates.

The system also provides a record of each vehicle’s movements – which can be broken down on a minute by minute basis – throughout the day.

Full reporting suite for routeMaster

Again, the tracking element is as good as any we’ve seen and it will also monitor how a vehicle is driven by taking note of any heavy accelerating or braking issues. Harsh cornering is also reported and a vehicle/driver score is calculated.

This ability to build a scorecard allows for a fleet manager to compare drivers and enable driver feedback and also see where training needs to be implemented.

It must be said that inefficient drivers will be quickly identified using the system.

The bottom line, says AGM, is that efficiency improvements can be made whenever the tracking is used.

One of the benefits for the routeMaster system is that it is cloud-based so users can log in from any physical location using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It’s also possible to replay a vehicle’s activity in exact detail and there’s a live dashboard to give in instant review of the fleet’s key performance data.

Real time tracking alerts for fleet

There’s also a number of real-time alerts that can be configured for a number of conditions for the system to monitor.

The system can also be used with tachograph and CanBus interfaces so real-time fuel usage can be monitored and a driver’s tachograph can be monitored.

The AGM Telematics routeMaster system has a lot to offer and for busy van and truck fleets and there’s a lot to recommend it: it is easy-to-use and it has one of the most comprehensive reporting suites for vehicle tracking around but its ability to adapt to rescheduling and client demands is very impressive.