Van Tracker Prices & Reviews

There’s no doubt that installing a tracking device into a van, or a fleet of vans, can be of huge benefit to a business.

There are so many positives for using trackers that they quickly outweigh the negatives.

However, one of the real issues is that the market is very competitive and there’s a wide range of trackers to choose from.

So how do you know that you are buying the best than tracking product available? This article is no appeal to help guide you to that final decision.

Guide to van tracking devices

Before you step out on the journey to find a tracker, a business will need to decide whether they need a passive tracking device or an active one.

Active trackers are those that send a signal to relay the van’s position, direction of travel and speed in real time.

The business owner can access this information using their online browser and access the information on the tracking firm’s service.

Passive van tracker devices

Alternatively, a passive tracker is one that makes a record of all the same information but does not relate it in real time and the business owner can download it at some future point.

On top of this, a business owner looking to improve the performance of their vans will also need to decide whether they need an RFID tracker or a GPS tracker.

The vast majority of trackers for sale in the UK today are GPS which means it uses a global positioning satellite to help locate the van.

Basic van tracker units

The world of van tracking devices have been developed over recent years and range from a basic tracker which will locate a stolen vehicle to one that will not only locate it but also disable the van if needs be.

The real advantage of choosing to use GPS rather than RFID is down to cost; a GPS van tracking device is easier and cheaper to install and can cost from just a few hundred pounds. More importantly, a business user does not need specialist equipment to be installed as they would for RFID.

Other positives for using a GPS van tracker is that they can relay messages to the driver and can also be used as a navigational aid.

The downside is that a GPS signal is not absolutely accurate and there are devices available which can block the signal. Some business owners also complain about inconsistent signals from their devices which makes it harder to evaluate a driver’s performance.

Problems with van tracker devices

It should be pointed out that these complaints are relatively rare and minor when compared to the vast number of vehicles which have a tracking device in them which perform faultlessly.

There are forums available which discuss the relative merits of various tracking devices and it’s these sites and van tracking review sites that need to be checked to ensure that the model being chosen is suitable for the businesses purposes.

Some forum users will point to RFID trackers as being the best choice but these are much more expensive and some specialist equipment will be needed.

However, the real advantage of RFID trackers is that they use radio waves so the signal is much more accurate and more difficult to block.