What is Van Tracking?

Installing a device to track a van is simplicity itself and the data it produces can be viewed easily.

It takes around 45 minutes to install a tracker which is essentially a GPS unit to help give a precise location of where the van is at any time.

The unit also pulls in information from other parts of the engine to analyse driving performance and style.

This information is then broadcast to the tracking firm’s HQ who then process it for easy analysis.

Analysing van tracking data

To do this, and most browsers are supported, the client will see data being updated every few seconds, depending on the system installed, to give the most accurate information possible.

In addition to knowing exactly where the van is at any point in the day, the system also recalls the exact route taken by the driver, the time and location for every arrival and departure and also analyses how that route can be improved to be done more quickly and save money.

Tracking devices fitted to the van also highlight the driver’s style and will flag the location and time of any harsh braking, cornering or speeding events.

This information can be used to help improve driving style to improve economy and safety but also for the firm’s legal obligation under health and safety law for the safety of their employees.

Telematics and health and safety

Some firms also introduce league tables of performance to help bring about improvements in driving style by analysing the best and worst drivers.

The market for installing tracking devices is incredibly competitive and new ideas are regularly introduced; for instance firms can use apps for mobile phones and tablets to help keep track of their vehicles so they aren’t necessarily tied to a desk.

Essentially, installing a tracking device on a van can be a powerful tool to boost productivity and driver safety.

Invest in a quality tracking service

Costs for telematics installation vary but are generally free when the van operator signs up to a tracking plan with one of the many operators.

There are no unsightly wires to the device which is hidden from view but the main thing is that it will bring about a competitive edge for any firm that needs to boost productivity and fuel economy.

In addition, there is no hefty investment in IT since everything is web-based and the history of a particular tracking device will always be kept on the provider’s system.

And even though this is a very competitive field some of the costs involved can be off-putting to small businesses but the potential returns will soon become apparent and outweigh those costs.