VW Vans offer ‘pollen-ty’ of reasons for a service

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In a deal that’s not to be sneezed at, van owners and drivers who suffer with hay fever are being urged by VW Vans to have their filters changed in a bid to stop their seasonal suffering.

The summer service deal from VW Vans costs from £17 ex-VAT and a filter change should capture up to 99% of pollens to help alleviate hay fever symptoms.

Hay fever and allergens can affect more than 20% of the UK’s population but, according to VW Vans, more than 25% of van drivers opt not to have their cabin filters changed during routine servicing.

VW Vans says this could be a dangerous decision and also an uncomfortable one since allergy stricken drivers will have their noses and eyes streaming while behind the wheel.

The firm says that research by motoring organisation AA revealed that sneezing on a motorway at 70mph will lead to a driver losing vision for up to 100 metres.

Cabin filters in VW vans are a key component

VW Vans says that the cabin filter is one of the key components that is checked by their technicians during a routine vehicle inspection.

In addition, Volkswagen servicing comes with a two-year labour and parts warranty.

The filters fitted in VW cabins have two layers with one being a pre-filter which removes large soot and dust particles. The second layer removes the pollen and fungus spores that lead to the harming of people’s lungs.

VW says that the activated charcoal micro filter also reduces odours and helps absorbs gaseous pollutants at the same time.

Volkswagen has also revealed that the sales of its vans are also going from strength-to-strength – sales have rocketed in the first five months of 2015.

VW Van sales continue to grow

VW Vans says deliveries of its vans grew by 3.4% and their plants are working at full levels to meet demand from buyers around the world.

With a new Caddy and T6 due to hit the market this year, the sales could grow still further.

Sales of VW Vans in the UK grew by 21% to more than 4,500 sales.