DriveElectric launches new EV HUB save to businesses money

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DriveElectric has launched an innovative EV HUB to help businesses monitor and manage their carbon usage and head to Net Zero.

Electric vehicle leasing company, DriveElectric, has launched a new platform designed to help businesses get to Net Zero faster.

The innovative EV HUB is a powerful tool that allows firms to see the running cost and the carbon footprint of EVs in real time.

The firm says the hub will revolutionise the way companies think about their carbon usage.

And by providing a comprehensive dashboard for fleet managers, it’s now easier than ever to manage fleet overheads and charging behaviours.

Real-time insight into driver behaviour patterns

The firm says this intelligent data provides a real-time insight into driver behaviour patterns and vehicles.

The EV HUB also includes CHARGE+, which automatically optimises energy delivery to electric vehicles, enabling businesses to charge with low-carbon electricity.

This feature not only helps companies save money but also helps lower emissions and potentially reduces grid connection requirements.

Helping businesses access intelligent data

As well as helping businesses access intelligent data, the EV HUB provides data on how efficient and low carbon a firm’s fleet is operating.

The offering also the ability to report a company’s progress towards its Net Zero target and companies can now take action that will reduce their carbon footprint.

DriveElectric has been helping organisations adopt EVs to save money, lower emissions and move to low-carbon energy since 2008.

With the launch of the EV HUB, they are helping clients make the move to electric cars and vans for commercial fleets.

‘Launching this innovative tool’

Mike Potter, the firm’s managing director, said: “We’re excited to be launching this innovative tool to help businesses get to Net Zero faster.

“The DriveElectric EV HUB is the first step in a series of solutions designed to help business EV users achieve faster progress towards Net Zero.”

He added: “We believe that by providing intelligent data, we can help businesses make more informed decisions about their carbon usage.

“With the CHARGE+ feature, we are also providing companies with the ability to reduce costs while lowering emissions.”