Isuzu D-Max broke sales records in 2023

Isuzu UK has announced its best ever sales performance for the excellent D-Max in 2023, breaking sales records since its launch in 2012.

The company says this success is down to its significant transformations last year which included new models and market expansions.

The ‘New-Look’ Isuzu D-Max, which debuted in April, offered a fresh wave of cosmetic enhancements to the latest generation, raising the bar for premium comfort.

The Expedition Edition, which launched in September, further boosted Isuzu’s presence in the vehicle camping market, demonstrating its versatility and reliability for a diverse range of consumers.

‘Isuzu’s commitment to quality’

Alan Able, Isuzu UK’s managing director, said: “The exceptional results achieved in 2023 highlight the unwavering trust our customers place in Isuzu’s commitment to quality, capability, and innovation.

“As we embark on the journey into 2024, we are excited to build on this success and introduce more innovations that will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Isuzu also showed its commitment to catering to various sectors, with models such as the D-Max AT35 Basecamp, designed for adventurous campers seeking remote destinations.

There was also the Huntsman Pack, customised to provide a robust kit for outdoor enthusiasts.

D-Max saw a 45% rise in registrations

The Isuzu D-Max saw a 45% rise in registrations and a 5% increase in its market share, compared with 2022.

However, December was the standout month, recording the strongest performance of the year, accounting for 16.4% of total sales in the year.

That’s a remarkable 154% increase compared to the same month in the previous year.

The popularity of the models also shifted significantly in 2023, with the range-topping D-Max V-Cross taking the lead, accounting for a third of the total sales.

The Utility and DL40 models

This trend marks a significant change from 2022 when the V-Cross ranked third, behind the Utility and DL40 models.

The Adventure range also saw an upward trend with the Arctic Trucks model, the D-Max AT35, which saw a surge in popularity, surpassing 2022 sales figures by a staggering eightfold.

Fleet sales also contributed to Isuzu’s success story, with a 16.2% increase – and making up 17% of total sales, highlighting the demand for tough and reliable vehicles across various industries.

Isuzu says it is looking forward to an even brighter future, with more growth and innovation this year.