New protection unveiled by VW Commercial Vehicles

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A range of new protection packs has been unveiled by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to help make drivers’ lives easier.

A VW van
Protecting your VW van has just easier with special packs.

The protection packs are for the VW Transporter (including the latest 6.1 model), the Crafter, the Caddy as well as their Amarok models.

The accessories themselves consist of seat covers, rubber floor mats and rear bumper covers. The packs cost from £153, depending on your vehicle.

Van owners can enhance their vehicle

Volkswagen says that buying the packs will make the purchasing of protection accessories easier and simpler so van owners can enhance their vehicle with just one purchase.

The packs themselves are available for used and new vehicles and this also includes the very latest VW Transporter 6.1.

For those interested, Transporter vans will have two packs that match the van’s two different seat configurations – that’s for a single driver and passenger or single driver and twin passengers.

Each pack will contain rear bumper covers, rubber floor mats and front waterproof seat covers.

Help VW customers to protect their van

These accessories will help VW customers to protect their van from everyday spills and wear and tear and have been put together based on popular demand.

The packs will cost £157 for a Caddy, for the Transporter they will be £165 and for the VW Transporter 6.1 they are £153.

For the owners of the VW Amarok, the new protection accessories cost £196, while for Crafter owners the pack is £205.

VW’s product manager, Liz Richardson, said: “Whether our customers are driving for pleasure or business, we understand their vans will go through some wear and tear which is why protection accessories can be important.

Buy protection packs that will enhance their vehicle

“With these new combined packages, we are hoping to make it easier and simpler for customers to buy protection packs that will enhance their vehicle.”

For more details about Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s range of products and services, which have won awards, head to the nearest VW Van Centre to you.