Mercedes X Class (2017)

It could be said that Mercedes is another carmaker late to the pickup party and with sales rocketing around the world, now is as good a time as any to create an impressive offering. The Mercedes X Class is that vehicle and the carmaker has created an interior to match their premium offering. There’s also a long list of options to help tailor the pickup to the buyer’s needs. However, it’s not really a pickup made by Mercedes – scratch the surface and this is the impressive Nissan Navara though Mercedes has made many changes to the exterior styling and obviously in the cabin. So, while the market for lifestyle pickups is growing and buyers opt for these rather than an SUV (mainly down to the tax advantages) there is no doubt that lots of businesses will go down this particular route just to have the Mercedes three pointed star on the front of their vehicle.

Mercedes Vito (2015)

The Mercedes Vito aims to be an affordable and yet prestigious offering in the competitive mid-size van market and the Mercedes badge certainly helps to shift units. The latest model comes with a wider variety of body styles and configurations than the model it replaces and it’s also a better made and better designed van as well. There’s a lot to like about it and while it’s not quite as good as its larger sibling, the Sprinter, it is a great van to own.