Rising camper van breakdowns prompt FUSO Canter investment

Kingsbridge Auto Repair chooses FUSO Canter for efficient breakdown solutions in Devon.
Addressing the surge in camper vans, Kingsbridge Auto Repair chooses FUSO Canter for efficient breakdown solutions in Devon.

The picturesque roads of Devon have witnessed a surge in camper vans and mobile homes, prompting Kingsbridge Auto Repair and Rescue to secure a powerful solution for tackling these issues.

The answer? A robust 7.5-tonne FUSO Canter breakdown truck, a choice that comes naturally for the contractor.

It is the 7C15D designation which has a 3.0-litre powerplant delivering an impressive 150 hp and torque of 370 Nm.

‘We cover a busy area’

The firm’s owner Michael Saunders said: “We cover a busy area of South Devon, including Torquay, the South Hams and Dartmoor.

“In summer, especially, the local roads can be extremely busy with holiday traffic – and these days, an increasing number of those vehicles are vans.

“The 7.5-tonne Canter has the capacity to lift a camper, a large SUV or a heavy electric or hybrid vehicle, with ease, and there’s room in the cab for all passengers to be seated safely.”

He adds: “We have a sub-frame which means we can recover motorbikes, and ‘dolly’ wheels to enable a full lift of a 4×4, too.”

Canter with a factory-built double cab

Kingsbridge Auto Repair and Rescue opted for a Canter with a factory-built double cab, to accommodate the driver along with six passengers.

The expertise of bodybuilder J&J Conversions came into play, as they equipped the truck Super Hawk Underlift equipment.

This setup encompasses a ‘spectacle’ lift boasting a capacity of 2.5 tonnes, complemented by bodywork that has lockers for protective gear and tools.

‘Well suited to our requirements’

Mr Saunders said: “It’s a bit of a ‘Swiss Army Knife’, and very well suited to our requirements – big and powerful enough to do the job but with relatively compact exterior dimensions, for a 7.5-tonner, so it’s easier to manoeuvre down narrow lanes.

“The first requirement of a breakdown truck is that it should be reliable – you don’t want to break down yourself, when you’re supposed to be rescuing a stranded motorist.”

He adds: “This is our third Canter so we know from experience that they are very robust and well-built.”

Having been a fixture in the industry since 2003, the firm offers a range of garage services, bolstered by their breakdown business.

Alongside the new FUSO Canter, the company operates two additional Canters and a recovery truck with a platform body to carry two cars.