Tracker Vision Sprint available at Halfords

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Sole traders and small businesses can now easily track their vehicles by using the Tracker Vision Sprint which requires no installation and is a flexible solution.

The idea is that the unit can be switched between vehicles more easily, Tracker says it’s unit is ‘plug and play’, though the real attraction for Vision Sprint is that it is an ideal solution for those who do not need a fleet of vehicles to be constantly tracked and monitored.

Now available from Halfords, the Tracker Vision Sprint device has no other associated costs other than the cost of buying it and subscribing to a service.

Tracker Vision Sprint now at Halfords

Users get access to the firm’s fleet website so they can monitor the vehicle in real time.

There are also maps and various detailed reports available and these can be accessed on all web browsing devices including smartphones and tablets.

Small firms interested in fitting a tracking device will find the new unit on the Halford’s website.

Robert Carsley is Halford’s in car technology and he said: “The Tracker Vision Sprint offers the latest technology and telematics and the convenience of plug and play.”

Flexibility with the Tracker Vision Sprint

Tracker’s chief operating officer, David Wilson, said: “The Vision Sprint is ideal for firms wanting zero downtime and installation costs.

“By working with Halfords we have another route to markets for our fleet products and help businesses control costs and get the most from their fleet.”

The Tracker Vision Sprint also provides a solution for people wanting to monitor lone workers and their ‘grey’ fleet vehicles (those are vehicles owned by staff and used for work purposes).

Tracking and monitoring of work vehicles

The units combine with Garmin’s satnav technology to help deliver navigation, driver communication and job allocation reporting.

The increasing popularity of telematics being used within business will help the new unit be a success as firms realise they can introduce efficiencies and cost savings.

And because the new unit does not need to be installed by a specialist, it can be transferred between vehicles quickly, it offers a high level of flexibility for a business owner.