VW Crafter gets high-tech revamp for 2024

The new VW Crafter boasts a redesigned cockpit with digital displays, voice assistant, and a suite of advanced driver assistance systems.

The popular Volkswagen Crafter large van receives a significant upgrade for the 2024 model year, focusing on improved technology and driver assistance features.

The most noticeable change is the completely redesigned cockpit, featuring a digital instrument cluster as standard.

The infotainment system is also completely new, boasting a 10.3-inch touchscreen as standard and a 12.9-inch option.

Both systems utilise Volkswagen’s latest modular infotainment matrix (MIB) with a user-friendly interface and natural voice control.

VW Crafter integrates a digital voice assistant powered by ChatGPT

Speaking of voice control, the VW Crafter integrates a digital voice assistant powered by ChatGPT, allowing drivers to interact with the van using natural language commands.

Alongside the visual upgrades, Volkswagen has revamped the physical controls within the Crafter’s cabin.

The handbrake, gear selector switch, light controls and centre console buttons have all been redesigned for improved ergonomics.

Safety is a major focus for the 2024 Crafter

Safety improvements are a major focus for the 2024 Crafter and several driver assistance systems come as standard.

They include Front Assist with automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, road sign recognition, a speed limiter and rear parking sensors.

VW is adding Travel Assist to the new Crafter which offers semi-autonomous driving, and emergency assist is available for the first time.

This system can detect when the van has stopped and to detect whether that’s down to a medical emergency will make the driver react to a warning.

If there is no reaction, the van will be brought to a stop and the emergency services will be contacted.

Extensive upgrades to the popular Volkswagen Crafter

For more details on the extensive upgrades to the popular Volkswagen Crafter, visit the VW Commercial Vehicles website.

Pre-orders for the Crafter panel van begin in mid-April.