Fiat E-Ducato gets complimentary offering

Fiat Professional to offer complimentary warranty, roadside assistance and service on E-Ducato.

Fiat Professional is offering its five-year warranty, roadside assistance and service package as standard on its first electric van, E-Ducato.

The 555 offer means electric van drivers and organisations that use a fleet of vehicles can get on with their day job without the added stress of having to fork out for any issues that may arise.

Fiat Professional estimates that the scheme will save van drivers/companies around £1,392 over the course of five years.

E-Ducato drivers will benefit from a three-year standard warranty

As part of the package, van drivers will benefit from a three-year standard warranty, plus an additional complimentary two-year extension, or if the vehicle has travelled 125,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The roadside assistance offer is all encompassing as van drivers will be able to access support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And if an issue can’t be solved there and then, the package also covers hotel and travel expenses while towing and courtesy cars can also be made available.

555 also includes a free service covering costs of parts, lubricants and labour for every 30,000 miles covered or once every two years.

‘Make sure van drivers can do their jobs’

Richard Chamberlain, the LCV Director of Fiat Professional, said: “Our job is to make sure van drivers can do their jobs without added stress.

“That’s why we offer five years’ warranty, roadside assistance and servicing.”

He added: “It’s a difficult time out there with rising cost of living, therefore, it’s important we go that bit further for our customers.”

Tips for maintaining an E-Ducato electric van

Fiat Professional is also offering tips for maintaining an electric van

·         Check E-Ducato fluids and windscreen wipers

Just like traditional vans, EVs have fluids that should be checked regularly. As well as the windscreen washer fluid, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the brake fluid and coolant fluid levels.

·         Set a timer when charging

When charging your electric van, setting a timer can be good practise for getting the most out of your battery. Having your battery too full or too empty may reduce capacity over time, so keeping battery charge between 10% and 90% is advisable.

·         Tyres

It’s well worth inspecting your van’s tyres each week for wear on the tread and damage to the sidewalls – particularly ahead of a long journey. Do the checks only when the tyres are cold, ideally first thing in the morning.

·         Watch your driving

Arguably, your driving habits impact your electric van more than anything. Utilise features such as regenerative braking which helps reserve the battery’s energy, while also sparing heavy wear and tear on the van’s brake discs. Also, consider where you park. In the winter, park where sun exposure could help warm the van while you’re away. Most EVs have a built-in thermal management system which keeps running if the vehicle is out of the sun – using up unnecessary battery.