The Renault Trafic is ‘Knight Rider’

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A new marketing campaign for the Renault Trafic sees the impressive new van become the star of the famous TV show Knight Rider.

The vanmaker has remade the title sequence with the Trafic in the starring role and it’s available to view on their YouTube channel.

Essentially, the thrust of the advert shows how van drivers and tradesmen are the everyday heroes for today’s needs.

Renault Trafic is the star of its special promo

In the original TV show, the Knight Rider car called K.I.T.T. was a high-tech creation with an artificially intelligent computer on board to help Michael Knight, a philanthropic hero, help people in need.


The new Renault Trafic is already proving popular – previous models have been the firm’s best-selling light commercial vehicles with 1.6 million units sold.

The Trafic went on sale in the UK with a choice of body styles in the summer.

Spec levels for the Renault Trafic

They include short wheel base and long wheelbase as well as a choice of roof types and a choice of four diesel engines and three trim levels.

Prices for the new Trafic start at (£18,245 ex VAT) and it is available for delivery now.

Renault is the number one van manufacturer in Europe – a position it has held since 1998 – and in 2013 had a market share of 14.6%.

Their entire LCV line-up is being revamped which began with the all-new Renault Kangoo last year.

Since then the firm has unveiled the all-new Renault Trafic and the Master.

The Trafic has impressed since launch with its build quality and the excellent levels of design which makes the van a true mobile office or sterling load lugger which should bring years of hard use.

To see the stylish new advert, which is destined for use online only, go to the Renault Trafic dedicated YouTube channel.

The online advert has only just been published and is already heading towards 300,000 views!